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Mar 3, 2011

Me Made March - Day 2 & 3

Today is Day 3  of Me-Made-March ... ok i did not post yesterday, coz i had to wait for my hubby to be back from office to take my snap as my photographer (read Darling Daughter) refused to take pictures!

Today i did not take such changes; went to the terrace, set auto-timer on the cam and took the snaps!

I am wearing my first NEW outfit for Me-Made-March ...... Yay! A form of Native Indian Clothing - Churidhaar Suit with A-Line princess seam Kameez

It is a simple, yet elegant Cotton Churidhaar Suit,

Features to flaunt
  • Zari embellished Center Front - Used the zari border at the selvedge in such a way that the center front is joined by seam to form the bright Zari work at center front.
  • Princess seam;
  • Zari Border at hem

Pant is black cotton churidhaar which i had to re-stitch as i had stitched directly by pre-made pattern and when i tried to wear it i realized i had put on bit of weight on my legs and they refused to get in, ... so i had to split open the stitches and put them about 1/4 inch apart from where they were originally!!! I am HAPPY (yes gaining weight is very rare for me...and i am so glad that i have gained whatever little that i have!)

Here is the Back View

Day 2
The Top that was worn yesterday (day 2) was made using leftover material sometime back, refer this post for further details...

Features i like about the Top are
  • Material is so comfy!
  • Mock Angrakha effect!
  • Made using leftover material!

To make up for the not so impressive backgrounds, here is the perfect finish...i love those pencil scrap shaped flowers on my terrace garden! 



  1. Hi

    very nicely stitched...

    your website is so nice.... you have wonderful tutorial also....

    good work....

    Eager to see much more

  2. oh lovely!! you are really really good at this.. Im no good at sewing.. or anything close to needle and thread... Well done! I love the colour of that one!! :-)

  3. Love the salwar kameez design and cut. It looks so very neat and elegant. I sew well, but not as good as you. Your post has inspired me to try out doing my own tops and salwars too :) Please share useful tips for cutting various types of fabrics and smooth seams.

  4. Thanks Rathanpriya, Patricia, Iniyaal.

    Me Made March 2011 is kind of catching up as i was down with fever for past 2 days, hope to make up for it coming weeks!


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