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Apr 23, 2011

Fashion And You - Update

I had earlier written post about disappointing experience regarding a wrong delivery and delayed return pickup, this is a status update on where it stands as of now. The return pick was done on wednesday and the shipment was delivered back to FNY yesterday as per BlueDart site records.

Received a mail from Sales Team asking me to arrange for Return courier stating they will incur the cost of courier as well and refund the same along with invoice amount within 72 hours of receipt. I had sent a mail on wednesday itself to the support team regarding the return courier being completed, so much for communication within the team! Hmm..i hope the return delivery gets acknowledged and the refund happens ASAP.

Now i have forwarded the earlier mail i had sent to Support team to the Sales team as well along with updates on Return Courier Delivered. Now that it has been 24 hours since receipt, i guess i will have to wait for another 2 days to get my refund process ticked off (At least I hope so, based on what they have said in their mail) They can send a mail to state that Return Courier received and the refund process will start and such and such date isn't it. Iam Appalled at the rate of response! I understand they have loads of work to do and lots of customers to attend to, but i am also a value customer ain't I, atleast i intend to think so,

Better Treat Your Customer Well, or else Someone will ! Do you get that Fashion And You ?! I hope so.


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