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May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Sister.

Happy Birthday Little Sister Graphi Pictures
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Another year rolls by,
A Year which was filled with lots of banter and chatter,
Did i mention endless arguments?!
We grow together as sisters don't we ?! Really ... are we grown up? or still two little sisters fighting over silly things!
Though the time we share together is much less than our childhood days, we have never grown apart. This is one relationship i will cherish forever for its sheer rawness where we face each other unmasked, no pretense, no compulsions, no formalties.

Little sister, Wish you a Happy Birthday. May god bless you with good health, keep you in good spirits and give you joy abound all around. Take care

For all my lovely readers out there, please do wish my sister on her b'day and pray for her health and happiness, Thank you.

Now it's time for b'day present isn't it, and what would a 'sew addict' gift, an outfit ofcourse, i will post action pics soon. watch out.  

Please click here to view the post featuring the Gift i managed to sew for my dear Sister



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