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May 25, 2011

Tutorials coming up next ...

Currently are in draft and will be posted in a couple of days.

Yes the Circle Skirt tutorial which i had used for my DD's and Sister's Ghaghra Choli would be the first

Followed by fish cut or mermaid cut skirt tutorial (Not exactly mermaid like till your calf muscle, but figure hugging till mid-thigh and from there it will be flared) which i had drafted for my Lehenga which i flaunted at my cousin's wedding recently.

So watch out!



  1. Wow your website is such a hidden gem. I just took up sewing again and I am in awe over your skills. Keep up the good work..

  2. You are so creative.... n Thanks for giving such tutorials.....

  3. loved your blog...i sew occasionally if I have cloth at hand that I want to make something not easily available. Last time, it was an Elsa dress from Frozen. I must say you are so skillful and may I request you to upload the mermaid/fish cut style lehenga tutorial sooner...I need to sew it for my daughter for an upcoming wedding in a couple of months...thank you


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