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Jun 2, 2011

Balloon Frock - B'day gift for DD's Friend

Yesterday i had posted about how it was destiny that my DD ended up wearing the dress which i had envisioned as a gift  - Bling Balloon Destiny Frock. Since the bodice fabric played up a bit, decided to switch skirt fabric and retain the dress for DD and make another dress to be gifted. Here is the 'Other' Balloon dress which was gifted to my DD's friend. Since the bodice fabric is plain silk crepe, decided to add element of interest by shirring it

Shirred 2 pieces  one in Lengthwise and crosswise direction and then patched them up. This took lot of time about 2 hours!

The dress is fully lined with cotton. Since little girls are very finicky and don't like anything that pricks, i take lot of time to make sure the dress looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

One new thing i tried with this dress is used elastic to gather the balloon skirt at the hem and attaching the fashion fabric, lining fabric of skirt and elastic all in one go

Center Panel in bodice is shirred crosswise and side panels are shirred lengthwise

Close up of how the Balloon Skirt flares when the dress is twirled around!

Here is the reminder snap of what the Bling Balloon Destiny Frock 

Hope to get some action pics and plan to make my DD wear her Destiny Balloon Frock on the same day as her friend wears this one and hope to snap them up together !!!



  1. looking gook...i like the dd's dress color combination...

  2. lovely bodice, I like the colour combo too!

  3. Cute dress! Very nicely done! I was wondering what pattern drafting book do you refer to when you do your pattern drafting? You daughter looks cute as always!

  4. Thanks Vji & Magda !

    Thanks Uma. For the balloon dress i did not use any pattern. Just used the entire width of fabric (1 metre) on offer and pleated as required to suit my DD's wasit + east measurment.

    Will post a tute on balloon skirt soon.


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