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Jun 3, 2011

Simple Chic Salwar Kameez

My Sister's Friend had given 3 Salwar suit material sometime in January. Due to hectic schedule (he he) that i had (really i had been sewing like there is no tomorrow for sometime now; though it has been only for 3 musketeers - Darling Daughter , Dear Sister & Self!!!)

At last really felt bad that i had kept her waiting for long, so decided to finish her Salwar Suits off, and finished off the Cotton set in a day (the bottom material was very less and she is quite tall, hence had to do lot of patch bits to savor the bottom at the end)

Thought of finishing off her other set as well and as fate would have it, my DD's best friend's b'day is coming up and have to sew something up really fast, so my sister's friend would have to wait a little more for her next set. Hope to make it lot of designer to make up for the last time ;) Click here to view DD's Friend's B'day Gift - A Balloon Frock



  1. Hey there,,,, GUESS WHAT???

    You my dear WON a blog makeover! I'm so excited for you, really happy, and can't wait to see it when it's all done.

    Email me, so I can forward it to Maria OK...

    Hugs, Bella :) Bella Before and After

  2. Hi Bella, Thank you so much dear. I am excited and have mailed you back. Hoping to hear from Maria soon.

  3. I've been looking at your craftster posts and your items are great! Your daughter is so cute too!

    How do you make your items? Do you own a dress form?

  4. Dear Adithi's Amma ur tutorial is very helpful.I would like to get ideas for how to do neck patterns for dress and Blouse..please upload some designs with draft.
    thank you


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