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Jun 29, 2011

School Reopens = New Dress; Made to Order available!

Today is Adithi's first day at school for this academic year; (School is reopening beyond the earlier scheduled date due to construction work of new block)

First Day @ school for the year = New Dress home made by mom !

The dress can be Made to Order in (same fabric available ; sizes : chest - 20-25)

Back View - The strap from front end up as ties at the back and since it has to go through loops at the back, making it adjustable and accommodating as she grows!

Added the belt as an after thought as i felt print on the dress was too busy and had to be broken up at middle to add element of interest. I ended up liking the belt more... and glad that i have made it as a separate piece, due to which i can match it up with many of her other outfits !!!

Hem is a boutique like 2 inch hem; this gives a more professional finish more so with the blind-hem finish, the snap below is the wrong side of the dress at hem, i used the blind-hem foot (wish i used it more often, just plain lazy of changing the foot at times!!!)

Do you like the dress? Want to get one for your little darling, you can make a custom order (same fabric available ; sizes : chest - 20-25) contact me @ adithisamma[@]

Here comes an array of hazy shots, which i decided to share as it was the true essence of this photo session, she was at her mischievous best switching off bathroom lights when her dad was busy 'shaving' !!!!

I really liked the dresses which had these type of halter straps which ended as ties at back and recently when i saw one - Lonsdale dress; i couldn't resist myself and decided to knock-off the pattern. The entire process of drafting pattern, cutting, sewing, pressing took around 3 hours ; which i feel is much faster as this was my first attempt at this style / pattern.



  1. she's so sweet! you and her make such a good team sewing-modeling!

  2. OOh your daughter is a beauty. Budding model!

  3. Thanks Magda, that's such a nice compliment.

    Thanks Sonia, when she is in mood to pose she is such a pretty muse, but when she isn't in a mood to pose, well then there's no photoshoot!

  4. Lovely! It is very cute. Your daughter too. Does this dress have back open?

  5. cutie looks like an angel with this gorgeous attire

  6. Thanks Kavin, There is a picture of the back, where you can see there are no back opening, instead back is elasticated and there are loops into which the front straps go through and are tied into bow knots.

    Thanks Saheli, yes she did look very pretty in the outfit, that color really suits her well!

  7. Your DD is so cute N such a nice smile she have.....(*_*) She is born model.........


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