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Jul 1, 2011

Apron for my dear friend!

Yesterday was wedding anniversary for my dear friend. Here's wishing her happy married life; since her spouse is abroad and they both couldn't be together, decided to meet her to cheer her up. Had bought this Rajasthani Kada online @ and it arrived right on time to be able to gift her.

Though one gift was ready it did not have my personal touch to it, hence i decided to sew something up.
Apron was the immediate thing i could think of and wrapped it up in under 1.5 hours and was having fingers crossed as i was worried if it would fit her? guess what? it fit her to the 'T'

Here are some snaps

She did not want her face to appear, but i could not delete the smile of this snap, hence cropped it till there!

My DD was having a whale of a time solving my friend's son's puzzles and insisted on me taking snaps of completed ones. She loves solving puzzles, i wonder if there is any olympiad kind of thing for solving puzzles, if there is one please let me know i would like my daughter to give it a go, as she is really good at solving puzzles, she is 4.5 years and solves so far upto 8+ puzzles!


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