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Jul 31, 2011

Happy Birthday To me!

31 years ago an compulsive sewer with more of right brain functionary was born. She never grew up! rather grew up slowly and realized who she is and what she wants later in her life only after she became a mother! 

A baby was born 31 years ago on this day,and it is none other than me! Yes! Its my B'day today. 

Last year was the first time after having entered 30s i was quite nervous and couldn't handle the fact that i am ageing. But soon after an year went by i realized that everyone ages, the difference is it doesn't matter to those who age gracefully. I have decided to age gracefully and accept what i am and live for what i can be. 

Plan to do a lot of things this year, for starters it would be great if i make to the list of participants in Blogger's Wardrobe (Check my detailed post on this out HERE)

Custom kids clothing launched about a month back has been going on well with few orders coming in, hope to brand myself well on etsy and ebay. Plan to launch Custom Women's clothing soon! (may be in a month's time). I can see brand Adithi's Couture going places, that's my dream, lets see!

Sweet start to the b'day through the gulab jamuns prepared by MIL, later followed by heavy lunch, in between well it was a lazy sunday after all !

Hubby and sis planned a surprise for me and asked me to get ready after lunch, they took off to a long drive with my darling daughter and suddenly stopped on a muddy laden path (short cut supposed to be, a very bumpy road!) which had awesome view of lush green paddy fields (about 25 km from our place!) and had the perfect backdrop for the action shot of b'day anarkali.

Here are action shots

As i was busy posing for pictures, my hubby made sure i was totally engrossed in the photoshoot, i did not realize something happening at the rear of the car! once i headed back to the car, my sister had set it all up, there it was a cake with candle lit (alright i am 31 but one candle is enough to assume so isn't it!) Wow! i was pleasantly surprised! My DD sang the b'day song and wished me as i cut the cake.

After which we again travelled for about another 20 minutes are so and reached a Movie Complex and watched the movie 'Theivathirumagal' nice but bit of sober movie, which ironically i had earlier decided not to watch as i don't like watching movies which make me very sentimental and cry these days! I am more into fun kind of movies! But the movie was nice and my DD enjoyed the outing as well. 

The surprises did not end there, as my hubby had planned for a romantic dinner later at night, after dropping sister and daughter back home! But i was too tired by now and did not want to leave my Daughter behind after seeing the senti movie (about father-daughter love, father is a person whose brain growth is that of 5 year old and brings up his daughter 5 yr old, then the grandfather separates them and seeks legal custoday of his daughter's child and so on... ) Since DD was tired and had to be put to sleeve, we cancelled the dinner date! promised hubby to make up for it another day!

There it was, the b'day was here and was almost done, i was all cuddled up in bed reliving those moments of the day, which was made special by my loved ones. 

Enough of my blah blah now, back to what this site is all about stylish outfits, how can that be left behind on my special day, here it is ...

The Anarkali which i managed to sew for the past 2 days. will give details alongside action shots later, hope to have lots of fun today. bye for now.  For more pics Click Read More link

Close up of sleeves (I love ruffles and my new yet to be named 5 thread overlocker helped me a lot in getting the edges)

Design my darling daughter came up with as with sewing beads onto the front bodice.

 Front of the anarkali

Backview (Deep back neck, quite deep! with ties that has jingles at its ends)

Darling Daughter gifting her mom her masterpiece modern art !

Churidhaar with lots of gathers at ankle (action shots will show out)

Dupatta or the shawl

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  1. Happy Birthday! 31 is so young--you are just beginning your wonderful life, so enjoy. Your sewing talents are amazing. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great work as always!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. @A Few Pennies
    Thanks a lot for your wishes and also for compliments on my sewing skills.

    I know 30s are still young. The step onto 30s was quite different feeling, now i have got used to it after an year!

  4. Happy birthday! I know you for one year, I remember wishing you last year too. Wishing you all success and smiles through out your life. The dress, is beautiful as usual. can you tell me how you made the cloth tube as this much thin? I cannot make it so thin like you.

  5. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and a spectacular year filled with eveything you wish for!

  6. many more happy returns of the day akka...long live...

  7. Happy Birthday! 30s are the new 20s now. My mantra is to keep the body healthy and the mind young. Hope you had loads of fun and wishing you a fun filled year ahead.

  8. Happy Birthday! I wish you have a fantastic year ahead..... NIce outfit!

  9. Thannks Thendral.

    Thanks Vji.

    Thanks Saliha.

    Thanks Uma.

    Thank you all for such loving wishes.

  10. love the sleeve and fabric of the bodice...may ii knw the material of the skirt part

  11. ur blog is nice adithi...nice salwar...

  12. Happy birthday. Your daughters idea is great. I find my little ones opinions also are so creative. Your dress is lovely!

  13. Love the dress.. Wish you all the happiness in the world!

  14. Happy Birthday and many happy returns :)

  15. wow you look stunning, the Anarkali you're wearing is gorgeous!! it's late to wish you happy bday so I'll wish you a happy year,enjoy being 31 (I did!) so you're a Leo too? All other leos I know are (me less) are very ambitious so I'm sure you'll fulfill your dreams!*hugs*

  16. oh and this Saturday is fine, I will mail you the html then in a few days:)Thanks!

  17. Thanks magda, Sonia,Nisha, Shanthi, Megha for your wishes.

    Vji, the skirt portion is made of shimmer goergette fabric.

  18. Happy Birthday... to you!! Hope you had a fabulous day!!

    This suit is simply gorgesous... I love the colour and the material.. the two shades make it stunning!!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family - with some lovely surprises! Love your dress (anarkali?)
    You are super talented! Wishing you every success and happiness in 'your' new year!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  20. Thanks Shruthi, Patricia, Jill for your warm wishes.

  21. Aww happy birthday dear! Love the color on you and it's so great to celebrate with close family around.
    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  22. Happy Birthday, thanks for partying with me!

  23. Such a BEAUTIFUL, feminine birthday are your precious children!!

  24. Thanks Deborah, Tammy, Chic 'n Cheap living for your warm wishes.

  25. Beautiful dress. The flowing chiffon is so graceful. The color is fabulous.

  26. Happy Birthday!! What a GORGEOUS dress! Also, I adore your photos of your and yours on your birthday. So sweet!

  27. happy birthday to you! great bday outfit :)

    Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! :D

  28. Thanks Cindy, Hannah , Christine for your warm wishes and compliments.

  29. Happy belated B0day, all best wishes!!! Lovely outfit, gorgeous draping and color!!!
    Thank u so much for leaving me your comment, I hope I'll see u again on my blog!! Have a wonderful day with one follower more!;)

  30. Happy "Belated" Birthday!!! Your anarkali is simply beautiful. I love the colors. They are very flattering on you.

    Thanks so much for joining the party. Hope to see you again this week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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