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Jul 26, 2011

Recent Fabric Haul !

Did some fabric shopping last saturday remember while buying the overlocker ! 

Recent fabric haul ! Check them out !

Velour in Orange, Black, Red & Blue! Oh i forgot green! need to revisit!

Some silk fabrics in mind blowing dual tones

Tissue fabrics for my DD's wardrobe and for some custom orders

Knit Fabric , now with 5 Thread overlocker, i will start sewing all the knits i have been hoarding till now.



  1. I can totally understand that rush one gets when one is in a fabric and notions store!

  2. awesome colors! can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. @megha, the adrenaline rush is just inexplicable and hours spent in buying them seem like minutes or less!

    @magda, i was about to mail with those 'Dhoopcha silk' fabric snaps as i thought it will suit better for making your exuberance necklaces as they are similar to silk cotton in texture and comes in more shades than silk cotton especially those dual tones are just stunning.

  4. awesome stuff yaar! would really help if you give us the approximate price per memter so it helps amatuers shop :D


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