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Jul 27, 2011

Won a giveaway ! Crescent Skirt Pattern

The loving & generous Marina from Frabjous Couture hosted a Crescent skirt pattern giveaway. Since i had not used any commercial pattern till date, wanted to see how it is, how it is graded,marketed and stuff. This was a nice opportunity and what's more i turned out to be lucky and won.

Marina promptly sent across a mail to let me know that i am the lucky one, got my mailing address and sent the post right away! i received it yesterday. Still have to look into it more deeply, since i am bit hung over with my Dream machine (5 thread overlocker) didn't manage time, will sit down and write a detailed post about it soon.

Marina is such a sweet girl, so nice of her to send a personlized thank you for participating card alongside the actual giveaway pattern. Thanks Marina. I am touched and happy to have known you through the blog world.

BTW the universal secret and power of thoughts are for sure strong and true, i made the School Reopens New Dress inspired by Lonsdale dress and written a comment when i made the first one and then again after finishing second dress renamed as Adjustable Summer Dress as well just to thank Tasia for the inspiration, though i saw loads of comments on Lonsdale dress, my comment curiously never made it to the post.

I was wondering why and earlier thought it was a mistake by oversight as i had just profusely thanked and had a link to the dress i made added to the post, but after 2 comments still can't see them and then got fed up and left it at that, only Tasia will know why she didn't feel like posting the comment, and btw it is her site and her right to choose. So I left it at that.
About few days later what a coincidence, i happen to win a giveaway of Tasia's crescent skirt pattern. Now how do you infer that as , some super power linking us through odd ways. God knows.

Anyways, this thought just stuck me as i was writing the post, so shared it with you all. So what is the basis on which you reject comments. I have never rejected any comment so far (except all those junk that directly gets sent to spam folder by blogger) What do you have to say regarding choosing and displaying comments, even those which are non-offensive or intrusive in any way. Your thoughts are most welcome.



  1. Congratulations on your win. As for comments, sometimes especially these days blogger issues are making commenting seriously difficult at times. I think at times the comment even does not get saved or sometimes it gets posted twice. I am sure 99 % of bloggers would publish a comment that is not spam or offensive.
    PS: Glad you liked my swinging card



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