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Jul 15, 2011

Sewing, Pattern, Crafts, Needle Arts, Blog related - Links Galore !

Remember yesterday i had posted a Rescue Me post. it was an SOS from my Drafts section of dashboard. I tried clearing it and the current status is a list of 27 drafts which i have saved for self use (half completed posts, online purchase link reminders and so on) and managed to categorize all the other links and share the same. here they are... Hope you find them to be useful !
Please click on Read More link to view them

Domestic Sewing
Me Sew Crazy
How to sew a perfect Hem
Japanese Sewing Terms Help
Scared of Facings? - check this link!
How to line a shift dress
French Seam Dart - Tricks
How to make a Hat Base
Lining a Sleeveless Dress
Clean Corners on Narrow Hems
Smooth Sleeve Caps every time
Interlining a Slit Pocket
Machine Quilt Binding
Matching Plaids
Boys BowTie + Another Bow Tie Tutorial
Barbie Dress Tutorials
Pattern Magic musubu B Style How To
Shirt Refashion and Headband tutorial
Fabric Flower in Hair
Sweater Dress
Cute Tutu Totorial
Pettiskirt by Martha Stewart
Sew a Crinoline
Waist stay a full skirted dress
Stand Corrected Collar - From MPB
Dart & Pocket Trick
Kimono Sleeve Guzzets
Knotted Headband tutorial

Pattern Drafting

Grading Patterns
Corset Patttern with Instructions
Patternless Designs & Sewing
Party Dress Printable Pattern
Pencil Skirt Back Vent - How to 
Free Patterns from Sewing in No Mans Land
Simple Bust alteration in pattern
Mod Cloth Inspired alteration to princess seam
34 free Pant Patterns
Drafting Jacket Lining
Experimental Top Tutorial
Sewing Yoke Skirt
Cluck Cluck Sew Tutorials
Scalloped Top Tutorial
Sew an Easy Textured Knit Hem

Home Decor & Toys

Rag Bath Mat Tutorial
Anthropologie inspired Knotted squares
Triangle Pillow Tutorial
How to make Puff Quilts
Table Runner Tutorial
Zig Zag Quilts without piecing triangles
Stuffed fabric Turtles 
Make a Monster

Origami Heart Valentines
Newspaper Basket
Make a Beaded Spider
Paper Quilling
Pom Pom Headbands and clips Tutorial
Sequin Shoe Clip

Needle Arts

Ric Rac Rose
Kutch Work Shisha Tutorial
Knotted Chain Stitch
Roumaninan Stitch
Types of embroidery
Crochet Bow Headband

Blog Design & Stuff

Color Code Generator
Simple Friendly Buttons for your Blog
Make photos look miniature
Add Icon before post title
How to Create Roll Over pics
Different Backgrounds for each post
How to use Cute Font for Blogger Post Titles
Free Blog Backgrounds


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  1. Oh quite a collection you've got there! I should make time, some sound just so yummy! Thanks for organizing and sharing them, I bet it feels good to see them all on a list:)


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