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Aug 24, 2011

Gokulasthami Pics

Janmashtami or Gokulasthtami as it is known in South India marks the birth day of Lord Krishna  and it has been a tradition to dress up tiny tots of the household as pretty krishna or as radha on this day! Darling Daughter had strictly said no to dressing up as a boy since last year itself, so this year also she dressed up as Radha!

You would have seen this Rust Ghaghra Choli earlier, but this post focuses on my DD's long lusturous hair! yes they are original locks! all decked up with flowers! Hair decoration was the highlight of this Janmashtami Dressing Up! See the "Nethichutti'' (the dangling chain with pendant on her head at center parting!)at front, alonside 'Chandra pirai' (moon symbol) and 'Suryan' (sun symbol) on the sides of the hair!

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  1. pretty and wonderfully matching! She's very lucky to have such a sweet and patient mom!

  2. Your daughter looks pretty, loved her hair decoration!

  3. She really has long hair and looks so cute:)

  4. Wow she sure does have long hair. That's such a dream for us in the Singh household.. as in neither I nor my daughter can get them past our shoulders.. that too with much effort. She looks beautiful. Touchwood. Hope you remembered the kala tika :-)

  5. Thanks Magda, SV, Nayana for the compliments!

    Thanks Obsessivemom and yes i did put Kala Tika at the back of her neck for sure!


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