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Aug 8, 2011

How much Sewing is Too Much Sewing - Join the Debate!

How much sewing is Too Much Sewing? Lets find out ....

Before we start with serious topic, i would like to Wish All of You Happy Friendship Day! i know it was yesterday, 7th August, 1st Sunday of August, but i was so held up to access my Laptop (Oh yes my sister gifted me with a laptop for this b'day! will do a post on the lovely black beauty a bit later!) as my Darling Daughter was not keeping all that well with stomach ailments, and hence the delay, it is always better than never isn't it, so Dear Readers of Adithis Amma Sews, Happy Friendship Day!

Now lets us get on with the topic of the month, probably, topic which we will discuss all this month of August!

How do you know that you have reached the sewing limit for the day? What if you are amidst sewing a pet project of yours,or may be sewing on tight deadline, or sewing for a loved one or sewing for a special occassion which can't be missed, then you realize that it is on the verge of breakdown due to overload, no I am not talking about the wear and tear your sewing machine undergoes, it does, agreed but its just a machine(i know my heart aches while calling it just a machine, when it is kind of your soul mate and sewing your spiritual being!)

Imagine what happens to your body? We all get sour shoulders, pain on fingers , strain in calf muscle / legs, i thought that since i had motor machine, i have nothing to worry, i was so wrong! My Yoga teacher asked me about my heat boils and tried to analyse why they don't seem to go away! After a discussion it dawned on us that my sewing on motorized machine and the heat the foot pedal generates indeed is harmful to my legs and the damage doesn't stop just there, but prolonged exposure to heat of electric pedal leads to clots in uterus, now the panic bells rang for me!

This deeply affected me and i wanted to share this with you all and may be we can together find ways of preserving our bodies, and still be able to continue our passion of sewing! Please leave your suggestions, i plan to discuss about the issue all through the month of August, who knows the tip that you have may as well save someone's health and hobby or livelihood to some!

So lets try to find answers for these questions (we can add new ones to the list, once you think of them let me know!)

How much Sewing is Too Much Sewing?
Precautions to be taken to reduce wear and tear to body due to Sewing!
Gadgets are they a boon or bane to sewist?!
How to optimize sewing through minimum work hours put in!

The list is bound to grow and hope to find more solutions to each of them, join in, lets help ourselves!



  1. I can't stop when I do something I'm really interested in! my husband would look at me if it's after 10 pm and with a serious look he'd say "working hours!!!" :))

  2. ha ha! that was a cheeky one! i have been like that as well, when i am into something i don't feel like leaving it mid-way, but now have realized the importance of one's own body and need to preserve it,'trying to implement the philosophy ""Listen to your body and if it asks for bit of rest so be it, the project can wait!"" Its quite difficult to implement, still no harm trying isn't it and i am trying to do so!

  3. I am a beginner as far as sewing is concerned.Sewing machine has become my best friend now a days.Last week, I realised my eyes are most of the time red.The cause- sewing and laptop.I have made it a point to stop my sewing for exactly one not more than that and laptop two hours a day.No sewing after 6p.m.Take care!

  4. i too using power machine juki...after u said akka im still i cant give up sewing in half way i want to knw the end result then 1ly i can sleep well otherwise in dream too i wil b calculating did i left seam allowance n the 2nd panel like tat ha ha...wanna to take care of health too...hereaftr i ll b strictly following a time tat more time for sewing and surfing internet..he he...coz i learnt things n blogs like urs than learnt in books..-))))))))))))

  5. Hi,

    First of all I agree that when one's body demands rest from an activity( any activity) it's better to honor that request and take a break.

    Second, to answer your questions

    The amount of sewing would depend on the interest and necessity of the person sewing. A hobbyist has a choice, whereas a seamstress or tailor does have that option. They can take a break, but have to get back to sewing as it is their job.

    As with any activity, the proper tools make the activity enjoyable and more productive and less stressful. A good table, at the correct height, lighting and an ergonomic chair are absolutely needed in my opinion.

    Case in point, my left arm started to ache after every sewing session and I wondered why, the answer turned out to be simple enough. I had raised the height of the chair, so that my son could use it to write, but did not lower it afterwards, the extra height made me place my left arm at an awkward angle and that was causing the pain. I lowered the chair height and voila no more pain.

    When to sew would also depend on the person and their schedule. I'm a stay at home mom with two kids, I try to squeeze in sewing when my kids are asleep, at school or during their time with daddy, so it could be after 10pm during the week, early mornings on weekends and other crazy hours.

    Also, I have never come across anything, anywhere, about the clots in the uterus claim by your yoga teacher. You need to investigate that further, by googling or reading up to give you peace of mind, if that made you antsy.

    Sio Shaan Se

  6. Oh my goodness, I've never thought of the health issues of sewing too much!! I think it's just important, as with anything, to find a balance. I know when I get absorbed into my sewing, I emerge later, stretching my back and rubbing my eyes - probably meaning I've been at it for too long! I try to take breaks and go outside, stretch my eyes and my muscles, have a drink, do some housework or something else different!

    I also find there's times when I just shouldn't be sewing - everything seems to go wrong - threads break, the machine sticks, I make mistakes, and I've learnt at those times, to just walk away from the machine and try again another time!

    I think your body and mind tell you what you need to know - you just have to learn to listen to them!

    Very interesting and thought provoking post!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. @SV
    I am trying to make a timetable as well, lets see how it pans out!

  8. @vji
    Be cautious while using industrial machines, as they have powerful motor, take breaks in between

  9. @Saliha
    Though the uterus clots links i can't find anywhere, i have met people who had worked in garment industry(ladies) who have some or the other uterus related problem, like excess white flow, irregular cycle (earlier it was regular) and so on

    In fact i myself experienced irregular flow during cycle ever since i did overload of sewing, after realizing it i have brought it down, and guess what my flow is back to normal! SO i am not saying sewing is harmful, but excess of anything is, and sewing is no exception!

    I know how difficult it is for passionate sewists to take a back seat, i do not make a living out of sewing, so can afford to rest back a little and get back to it when my body has rested well, but how can i convince my heart and mind to do that is the real challenge

  10. @Jill
    Health is wealth! so i think all of us have to think about it and try to respect our body as body is the temple where our Soul God resides!

  11. oh really?? Is that bcoz of excessive use?? really!! I know my hand hurts really bad when I over use the laptop!! or rather when I over work myself... But I normally believe its fatigue.. and leave it at that..

    How is your little one now?? Hope she is feeling perfect.. and you are well too!! Take care.. We will wait for your new posts..

  12. @Patricia Torres
    Thanks for the concern! My DD is doing better now. yes we need to take care of our bodies better, they deserve to be taken care of isn't it.

  13. @CreativeMama

    So true!! but often forgotten.. Im so good at forgetting about myself.. :-)

  14. Today only i thought this issue.I started to google this and found your debate Lakshmi.Is it true?Did you find any precaution?please be share with us?Thanks in advance.


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