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Aug 6, 2011

Meet the Magnificent Magda of Magda Design Studio [Guest Post]

Dear Readers,

This Saturday is really Special, why 'coz i named it to be so! Nah! Just Kidding! It is indeed Special 'coz every Saturday all this month of August, you will be get to meet Talented, Creative bloggers who are lot of fun to read and have treasure trove of info to be shared! So lets get on with it.

Special Saturdays makes it debut, with another debutant (to just guest blogging!) Magda of MagdaMagda Design Studio, how shall i introduce her, what appeals to me whenever i read her posts are the liveliness and the sync she has with 'real' world though she is posting something on virtual world! She is very talented and creative, without further adieu, i shall let her take center stage!

       Thanks for making this Saturday special for me too, I'm glad to be your guest Lakshmi! Pretty cozy in here, I always enjoy my visits to your blog and expect to be pleasantly surprised! And you never disappoint!

       I want to say Hi to all of you Adithi's Amma Sews readers, and if you are in the mood to read some more please step into magdamagda's design studio for a bit! That's my blog and it tries to keep up with everything I do:)) I love sewing crafts / design and I am only sorry the day has only 24 hours and there are other things to do too... like sleeping! I love to share with my readers about everything I do and there's a bit of inspiration there for everyone!

Perhaps you'll find it in looking at my designs...

Time Travel Dress

...or reading about my sewing tips and techniques

If you are a DIY fan you'll certainly enjoy my tutorials!

And if you like to use recycled materials in your work - like I do, I have a few exciting projects on this too!

 And oh yes I also love knitting!

 ... and fabric painting - such a wonderful thing that I've started to play with just recently!

And making accessories - lately it has taken over my life!:))

It wouldn't be fair to let out my helpful friends from my studio!

There's some funny stuff here and there too... around my studio:)) Photography is another one of my passions:)

       This month will bring something new to my blog - memories of my travels through Europe up to the northernmost point of the continent - Nordkapp - with a backpack, a tent and 2 friends so there'll be some pretty amazing photos and adventures!

      At first my posts were an extension of my Etsy shop and Burdastyle activity, then I discovered a wonderful blogging community interested in  the same things as me and I got motivated to do and share more... There's a lot more where that came from and I hope you'll join me in this wonderful journey!

        Thank you Lakshmi I enjoyed my visit so much! This is in fact my first Guest Post and it's only natural that I stopped by as we are blogging neighbors on the map! And I hope you will return the visit soon! I wish you and all your readers to have a great time doing what makes you happy! And blog about it - it only makes the world a better place:)


Magda ಠ◡ಠ



  1. I will definitely check out her blog, I love her pieces =)

  2. Thank you for the generous intro! I'll blog about this, woke up so excited today!;)

  3. Wow...great feature on a very talented lady!!!

  4. I'm a big fan of Magda's ... so much talent!!!

  5. Interesting idea to showcase other bloggers in your field.

  6. Thanks for the support to this Special Saturday series, i knew Magda is so talented to draw all the attention and readership she deserves and consider myself honored to be able to introduce her to all of my readers who have didn't know her earlier. Stay tuned for next week to meet another talented, interesting, creative person. Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi, Im a new follower, loving the blog! Found you off boost my blog Friday. I would love to invite you to follow me:
    Thanks so much! have a great day!


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