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Sep 12, 2011

Featured on One Pretty Thing!

I am back from short break! feeling tired and hazy, want to just laze around! There are some days when your brain just does not work! (as if other days'mine works fine!? at least the right -side of it sure works and lets the creative juices flowing!) today somehow has not been so, and i am feeling the monday morning blues (plus loads of laundry (blame it on short break!) and lots of blog-o-land posts to catch up with!

Hope this day turns out to be active may be after few hours, may be after a little nap(i haven't napped at noon during weekdays for quite sometime now!) hmmm but there's something to cheer about though "Circle Bustle Skirt Tutorial" has been featured on One Pretty Thing! yay! 2 features in 2 weeks! I am on cloud nine, may be that's why i am dreamy and sleepy! ;)

During the past weekend, i did some interesting things and learnt a lot of stringing flowers from my aunt, will share them this week, now off to laze around!

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