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Sep 30, 2011

Golu @ Adithi's School

We went to visit the Golu @ Adithi's School yesterday! Every year her school celebrates one festival and this  year it happens to be Navarathri! They had requested every student in montessori section to bring one doll each based on  various themes, we gave a Navathania Ganesh as the theme we got was Ganesh in Various Forms! Adithi has school till today! Her vacation starts from tomorrow.

This color Rangoli greeted us warmly. Notice the pistachio shells as border decoration! i brought back nostalgic memories of me crafting with those shells during my school days!

Golu Pic

I liked this section the best, it had people from different trades in a market, cobber, dress maker, vegetable seller, flour maker etc.,

Park and Farm

Of course, the yummy pattani sundal! they made this golu to be as much eco-friendly as possible and the higher class students had made newspaper bags to give the thaamboolam! The idea which we took to immediately and gave our thaamboolams in hand  made bags made out of Magazine sheets (Loads of my femina and vogue for years, now have some good use!)

Loved this visit!

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  1. So beautiful and colorful things, love the first picture!:)
    Jelena (

  2. Such a rich presentation! Enjoy having Adithi at home all day for the next week!
    Magda ᵔᴥᵔ

  3. Thanks Glam Chameleon

    Thanks Magda! Adithi at home all day is boon as well as bit of trouble! he he!

    Thanks Sonia. It was very pleasing and soothing to see little kids

  4. setting up entire golu and greeting guests!

  5. Nice Rangoli.....Happy Dashera in advance to you, your family N N N Your DD.........(*_*)

  6. Happy Dushera to you too! Thanks


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