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Oct 1, 2011

Navarathri Day 2 - Dress No.6 with Action Shots

Dress No.6 was worn on Day 2 ; Actually i tried out the Purple Twisted Bubble Hem dress and realized that it was a bit short for her comfort and hence decided to go with this dress and later on alter the height of the latter!

So this outfit directly comes with action shots. here are the details

Do you remember the bodice fabric?! Yes it is the one used for my Purple Princess Lehenga Choli! The skirt fabric is Dooptcha Silk which i had initially bought to line my B'day dress but later on got an exact match to line it with, so this fabric got to stay idle, till this dress happened! Tried semi-circular sleeves on this one! Skirt portion actually has 2 layers! one full circle skirt and another cascading circle  skirt on top of it!

She had a nice time and the initial disappointment of having to change the dress, was gone before the day ended, more for me than her ;)

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  1. Daughter is looking tired in this shot-- her usually bubbly smile is missing-- Hope all well

  2. hi, that dress is so sweet! maybe add a pettiskirt to make it stay full?

    dont work on altering the bubble hem dress.. just add knit leggings to the outfit, then skirt length will not be a problem.

  3. Sonia, she has been missing her noon nap all this week due to Navarathri prep for each day! she helped me in making paper bags for the thaamboolam, hence is bit tired~!

    Thanks vji!

    Thanks Jaya, yes i have the pettiskirt, but she refused to wear it with this dress as she was feeling too tired to carry off the pettiskirt!

    First thing i did was to grab a pair of purple leggings and asked her if she could wear it as tunic top with leggings, for which she outrightly refused saying, she needs airy dress and is not in the mood to wear leggings right now, which in a way is right, as the weather is way too humid here in chennai, so unlikely as we have already hit October and sea breeze should set in early, which unfortunately is not happening!

    I did alter the dress and she wore it yesterday! will post action shots soon!


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