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Sep 26, 2011

Navarathri Dress No.4 - Twisted Bubble Dress

Bubble skirt has been in the to-do list of Sew Skirts September and decided to add a twist to it this time, and made the Twisted bubble hem skirt dress!

While i was making it, did a test fit, this snap gives an idea as to how it drapes when worn!

Action shot can only do justice to this outfit, so watch out for it during Navarathri!

Will try and do a mini tute on how to make Bubble as well as Twisted Bubble Hem skirt !

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  1. wow it looks amazing akka..waiting for the tutorial

  2. Such shiny soft material you use Lakshmi

  3. Thanks vji. Will post tute before end of this week!

    Sonia, it is called as glass tissue and i really love it, plan to get one in english color - 5.5 meters and wear it as a saree!

  4. Are there full pics of Adithi wearing this one? Love it love it love it!
    Magda ᵔᴥᵔ

  5. Trupthi, the tutorial will take a little while now as am busy with Navarathri, hope to make it after vijayadasami!

    Thanks Magda, i tried on her on 2nd day to realize it was way to short! the twisted of hem meant losing out few more inches than normal bubble skirt, which i had forgot to calculate! now planning to add a mid-region of fabric to add height! After altering, will make her wear it and then post action shots!


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