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Sep 27, 2011

Retro Pillow Challenge - Entry

Dear Readers,

I had mentioned about Retro Pillow Challenge remember, somehow managed to sit and finish my entry. I am not satisfied with the outcome though, this is my first attempt at quilting and i wanted to do it leisurely and learn a lot in the process, but i still have 4 more dresses to make for Adithi and atleast 1 new outfit for self for this Navarathri and am left with not much of time.

Something is better than nothing, isn't it, so here is my pillow made using leftover fabrics!

Inspiration for this was from Adithi ! She is the inspiration for most of my projects and this one was no different, the challenge required us to use to squares with rounded edges along with circles and the thought that came to me immediately was the "Metal N Set work"which Adithi does at school!

took her sketches as my template and started the pillow

Used sponge like layer as batting (Still do not know where i can find batting used for quilts here in chennai! any idea! please do let me know!)

Adithi's Sketches

My Template

Shapes cut out in interfacing

Do you see how shabby the curved shape with square in center looks, all the other shapes turned out okay!

Back of the cushion, overlap flap cover

Front view - all 4 shape patterns

This linky shows up all the other Entries too



  1. Congrats on finishing your pillow! It's very lovely! Your satin stitch is perfect. You always sew with such luxurious silky/satin-y fabrics. I would love to raid your stash!

  2. What a great idea to use your daughter's sketches as the basis for your pillow. The three different textured fabrics work well. You certainly are extremely busy.

  3. Good luck with your entry! your pillow looks great! I like those softpretty colours...
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, although that dress was not a print, but lace!

  4. How awesome that you used your daughter's drawings! It's amazing how inspiring kids can be and they don't even know it.

  5. Thanks Riochet!

    Thanks Thendral!

    Thanks Pam! i am glad the color combo used from leftover fabrics kind of work together!

    Thanks Carolyn! Oops i thought it was print! print or lace, i absolutely love it!

    Thanks Becky! Kids are such an integral part of and influence our lives in such a subtle but significant way, hmm they are god's blessing to mankind!


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