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Sep 28, 2011

Navarathri Dress No. 5 - Double Circle Skirt + Top

I started off with this outfit, thinking i will do the top (which will work with an old Pattu Paavadai Navarathri 2009 collection!) whose blouse is worn out now!), on those lines, decided to make a simple Pattu Paavdai top with trim on neckline, everything went according to plan, until this happened!

I was trying to serge the armhole after attaching the sleeve, little did i realize that the bodice part was slipping onto the serged area! Now that the damage had been done, i needed to do some Disaster Recovery Sewing!

Here is the DRS steps (thank god i did not press the  panic button !)

Using twice the circle skirt effect has been on the to-do list for sometime, and this outfit made me realize it. I had enough fabric (2.5 metres) to work with and hence decided to make 2 circle skirt cut with 1/2 waist measurements, so that i would get full circle with twice the effect!

Added a belt with golden ribbon flower to go with it (check out Magda's easy n pretty tute for the flower)

Biggest sewing lesson learnt with this outfit is not to rush through in a serger! and most importantly not to panic when something goes wrong while sewing, everything is rectifiable! provided you get over the agony, angst, disappointment and decide to - "Make it Work" as Tim Gunn says in Project Runway!

Please do check the new look Tutorials Page, how the tutorials are much more organized and easier to find now. your feedback please!



  1. I like the addition of the belt and flower!

  2. added the flower and belt at the last minute, as i felt the dress was missing the zing factor!

  3. astonishing shade of green! Congrats on your new tutorial page, it's been pending on my list for a long time now!:))
    Magda ᵔᴥᵔ


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