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Sep 29, 2011

Navarathri Day 1 Action Shots!

Day 1 - 

I can't believe how fast this day dawned and then ended! no idea how the hours flew, the morning session was into giving finishing touches to the Golu, by covering the sides of the Golu Steps, rechecking if all dolls had been decked up (they were decked up on Tuesday night , untill 11 pm, with our entire family hands on with the task and sweating it out!)

Early morning, Adithi was excited as it was Day 1 of Navarathri and time to wear new dress and do puja!

Adithi did puja before going to school (remember she has school this year for the first 4 days of navarathri!)
Came back excited at noon, as she knew we were going to set up the Golu Park, only after she is back!

Lost in her own world of thoughts as she strikes a reluctant pose!

We set up the park! When we arranged the serial lights on the golu steps with much effort and then tried to switch it on!! guess what they did not light up! so i tried doing some electrician job of fixing it and meddle with it for sometime and then tried switching them on again, guess what happened this time, there were sparks in the junction box of the serial lights, phew , i blew off its fuse! Then had to rush to electrical shop to get new pair of light strings this time LED ones! They had to be arranged on the steps yet again! Now the golu was glowing!

This year's golu had its first casualty , as Adithi did the honours by dropping off the father of the bride from the new "Kalyanan"(Marriage) Set purchased this year! wow! great start!

My best friend and her son were the first guests to arrive and little Nitheesh sang a beautiful song to start off the golu in style!

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  1. wow...golu s nice...dd s too gud

  2. What wonderful celebrations, and your daughter's dress is perfectly stunning! I love it!
    Thank you so much for your comment, and that silk is indeed Indian in origin!

  3. beautiful beautiful dress! The last pic is simply delicious!:))
    Magda ᵔᴥᵔ


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