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Sep 19, 2011

Navarathri Dress No.2 - Petal Skirt and Cowl Top

I saw the petal skirt on Burdastyle sometime back and it has been in my To-DO list for long, drafted a pattern for my DD"s measurements and made here Navarathri Dress No.2 .

Have taken pictures while i made it, so will share the tutorial soon as part of Sew Skirts September Series!

I have so much to do and such little to accomplish all of them, Navarathri preparations are also underway, planning a get together of Chennai based fashion/design/beauty bloggers ! More on this soon! So you can imagine how hassled i am with time i am left with to do all these things!!!!

As of now pics of Petal Skirt  and the Cowl Top

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  1. I loved the skirt.. and the detail on the blouse too!

  2. @MeghaThanks Megha! Yet to try it on Adithi, finger's crossed over how the cowl with drape over her!

  3. This is too cute! And you made it look easy! :)
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