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Sep 1, 2011

Sew Skirts September : Day 1 - Basic Skirt Sloper

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Sew Skirts September. This month we shall sew some awesome skirts, starting from simple to complicated ones,  and discover as many skirt styles as possible! 

For us to be able to knock-off any style of skirt, first we would need 2 things, our sewing mojo and of course the basic skirt sloper. 

First let us take the measurements which are required

  • waist round, 
  • seat round/hip round, 
  • waist to hip length,
  • skirt full length

  • Lets have the waist band height to be 1 inch standard; You may choose to increase it if you like it broader!

Now that we have our measurements ready, lets get started with Basic Skirt Sloper

Please DO NOT CUT off the pattern immediately after drafting, there is a finishing touch that needs to be given explained after the construction details!

Now lets move on to the finishing touch, follow the instructions as given below

Hope the instructions were clear and you will be able to draft the basic skirt sloper and be ready for more! Please do leave your feedback in comments, i need them to keep me going for this entire month of Sew Skirt September!

Tomorrow, we will see the waist band draft, as well as making of a muslin (i will be using a regular fashion fabric, as my pattern is tested! so that i can get to wear the skirt! rather than having to keep a muslin!) but if you are drafting the skirt for first time or if your measurements have changed drastically since the last time you drafted it, i would request you to make a test fit in muslin.

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  1. Thanks Uma! I am glad you liked the tutorial!

  2. Fantastic tutorial, I have desire now to try to make one skirt!:)
    Jelena (

  3. Thanks GlamChameleon! I am glad i was able to inspire you into making a skirt, lot more easy no pattern skirts are also coming up. stay tuned!

  4. I'm a beginner and ur tutorials are very helpful. Looking forward to more skirts. Thanks.

  5. I found this so useful that I am going to link to it at my blog, once I get the pictures done of my lovely finished skirt. Take a look at (soon...)


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