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Oct 21, 2011

Get a free gift hamper from Dove !

Get a free gift hamper from Dove - Damage Therapy - Oil Care series, i received mine last week, forgot to mention it here, better late than never isn't it, i have already tried it last weekend and just love the feel of my hair! Go grab yours HERE! You need to be a registered user with Indi Blogger to have access to this gift hamper, don't worry its free!

Have  a look at the hamper i received, it has Shampoo, Conditioner, hair care cream, Serum

I love it! Go get yours!

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  1. What a wonderful prize! You are lucky!

  2. When I signed up the form kept going blacnk...dont know if it was registered. Did it give any receipt or information after you pressed the send button?


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