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Oct 3, 2011

Navarathri Day 4 Action Shots - Twisted Bubble Hem Dress

Remember this twisted bubble hem ended up a bit short than calculated, i realized it is due to extra fabric length consumed while the fabric twists and sways to the side! how stupid of me to miss this while calculating finished length! now that i have realized it, the tutorial will be without any flaw, will post it next week! the past 5 days, how it flew by, god knows! Navarathri has been full of fun,frolic,guests, sundal and stuff!

Once i decided to alter it (as Adithi refused to wear it with tights!), it had to be in some way so that it wouldn't be obvious that i have altered the dress! Fresh from Retro Pillow Challenge Hangover (Have you voted for me over there please do, Click Here to Vote) i decided to add it as patched up squares one with plain fabric alternating with embroidered fabric. They look like pre-planned built-in belt in the dress, aren't they? I hope so! what do you say?

In a hurry as did the alteration just half-an-hour before Adithi was ready to go, did not check with side draped better ( i had earlier done so!) and after stitching somehow feel the back drapes better than front side, what do you think?!

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  1. that is lovely! the squares add a really nice touch to the dress, and i think the lower waistline looks better with this style of skirt...she looks so cute in it!

  2. That is just so beautiful! You can't tell it's been altered at all! Great work!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. I think this dress looks really cute.... front and back both!

  4. Adithi looks wonderful in it! And she's got good taste in fashion- i wouldn't have worn it with tights either;)

  5. Thanks Jaya! those squares really gives the bodice little more edge than how it was before it got altered! glad this thought stuck me out of the blue!

    Thanks Jill, my sister calls me alteration queen, she should be knowing as i have screwed many of her outfits as i learnt sewing in my initial stages ;)

    Thanks Megha!

    Thanks Vji!

    Thanks Magda, yup i agree with you, she has a nice taste in fashion and has style of her own!

    Sorry for delayed reply to you all, i was held up Navarathri festivities and it has been 3 days since i had last seen my laptop! can you believe it, i myself can't !!!


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