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Oct 7, 2011

RTW Saree - Navarathri Day 5 Action Shots

Dear Readers

I know i have'nt been around for 4 days now, believe me i couldn't manage time to even touch my laptop! I have been clicking away lots of pictures during all these days and here is a glimpse of Day 5 action shots (which my hubby clicked and since we had guests at home for dinner, not much pics to share as i was busy preparing Aloo Parantha, Butter Panneer masala, fried rice, raitha, etc!)

Will take better pictures of the saree when she gets to wear it again!

Meet Adithi Maaami ....

Have you voted in the Retro Pillow Challenge, if not please do vote, even if you have, you can Vote AGAIN! the pillow with most votes wins, Vote for me at the Retro Pillow Challenge, the voting is open from 1st Oct - 31st Oct, you can case one vote per day! Mine is tagged as Lakshmi's , for those of you missed the Retro Pillow Entry post, here is a recap pic of the same!

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  1. oh my! look at the pretty miss! so, so cute. and with the flowers and the bangles... adorable. wonderful work, Lakshmi!

  2. Oh My! Isn't she graceful:)The second pic is beyond adorable!

  3. Thanks Jaya!

    Thanks Magda!

    I had applied Drishti Pottu or Nazar Tika on Adithi on all these 9 days of Navarathri as i was scared my own admiration of her may bring Drishti to her ;)

  4. mammi s looking too gud akka..

  5. The saree looks soo beautiful... and your kid looks lovely in it... !!!


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