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Oct 8, 2011

Navarathri Day 6 - Kanya Puja Outfit! Action Shots

Day 6 - Adithi was invited to a Kanya Puja by one of our neighbours and was offered food and special puja as pre-puberty girls are considered to be godess's avatar during Navarathri ! She was basking in all the adulation and attention she was getting ! They also gifted her with Paavadai Material with Matching blouse material to go with, along with Necklace, ear rings, bangles to accessorize the look ! wish i was younger too ;)

I liked the color of the material so much, that i decided to stitch it up the very same day and she wore the outfit in the evening!

Day 6 Action shots, here they come ...

She wanted to have mehendi with the outfit and did so while she was taking her noon nap! (design as suggested by her!)

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  1. wow love the color and she looks so cute.

  2. Wow you painted her hands while she was sleeping? That's the peak of efficiency! I'm curious how it feels to sleep and be painted on, so tempting to try:))Love love love her smile as usual and the outfit is so candy sweet!

  3. I just loved the sleeves on this one and Adithi glows in this one! I was wondering if u have does the pleats on the skirt differently? I want to make one of these outfits for my kid as well. Any idea whr this fabric is available in Bangalore?

  4. Thanks Vji!

    Thanks Magda, she volunteered for me to do mehendi on her hands while she takes her noon nap as it would make her hands free and ready to meddle with things during her playtime ;)

    Thanks Megha. I love the sleeves too. Yes i have used Knife pleats instead of box pleats on this one, it was more easier and faster to make than the usual box pleats that i use for pattu paavadai, since i had finish this entire outfit in under 3 hours, i chose Knife pleats!

    This fabric was gifted and i think it is called as just non-silk paavadai material, should be available in B'lore in textile stores, since i not much aware of shopping scene in B'lore, i am not able to help you out on that, will check with the person who gifted this and get the exact name for the fabric.

  5. Oh my gosh.. this is sooooooooooooo cute!! absolutely stunning!!

    You met Meena.. wow!! I'd love to say.. she is my friend.. I love her blog.. and know so much about her from there.. Saying that.. I totally loved it .. when there were 15 -20 people linking in to the blog parties.. its like I knew each one of them personally.. and I had built a bond.. and looked forward to them.. I love it when there are more people.. and new people.. but now feel a bit distant.. :-)

  6. Thanks Patricia! I had lots of fun and met interesting people with similar interests.

    why are you feeling distant, every one who links up and visits your blog, really loves your blog

    Thanks notyet100!


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