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Nov 3, 2011

Birthday Gown - HELP please!

Almost finished Adithi's Birthday Gown, i chose the bling fabric for bodice, as she loves bling, got a feeling if it might end up being too tacky or ala a dance floor outfit, so played with underlining in the front bodice as can be seen below

Here is the skirt portion

Then added another tier of remaining bling fabric to skirt and pinched it to make petals!

Do you see the underlining pattern on front bodice, is this dress looking too tacky? do i need to tone it down? i thought of adding may be euro-ruffles at center or even add fabric flowers ala the Pink Petal skirt's Cowl Top, what do you think, inputs please, i am running out of time, need to finish this today and make a casual dress to worn on her b'day during day time, this dress is for the party later in the evening, need to make party prep tomorrow, so all i have is today, i am now off to make the casual outfit, and will get back to the blog to read your valuable inputs! Thanks.

This is how it looks without the pouffy petticoat underneath! 

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  1. Dress is nice.
    I would suggest to change sleeves to short puffy ones. Skin colour will balance the bling and will make it smarter.

  2. I love the color.. and i can see the pattern under the fabric.

    I feel there is too much going on in the outfit...the bling, the petals, the tiers and the full sleeves. Do u think it wud be a better idea to make this half sleeve and puffy?! Then u cud add some flowers over one of the shoulders.

  3. Ok - so I love the color, but I wouldn't actually add more frou-frou at this point. I personally like the bodice lining a lot. I'd have possibly kept that as the top, used the bling for the sleeves (but made them maybe short puffy sleeves) and then used it the way you have for the skirt - looks very Cinderella like.. If you can't edit the top anymore, just leave it as is! It looks very pretty and it is her birthday! She's allowed to have a fun dress :) But I think adding more frills or flowers will overpower this dress at this point.

  4. I liked it with the puffy petticoat..but think it is a bit big for her...probably some simple satin ribbon flowers for the waist and some simple pattern on the neck would tone it down..thats all i can think of now

  5. Wow! that is the most amazing princess-y dress I have ever seen! I'll bet she loves it!

  6. I think white or ice pink flowers on one of the scallopped/pinched petals would look beautiful. You sew so well!!

  7. I didn't get what exactly you wrote 'underlining fabric is visible'
    My only suggestion is that I would have preferred a small cap sleeve with ruffles.
    But now that you are running out of time, I guess the dress is just fine. Adding more would make it look over done :)
    and it looks great with that pouffy layering underneath.

  8. I love it. I don't think it's tacky. I think it's lots of fancy fun -- perfect for a little princess.

  9. Thanks all of you for your feedback.

    I also thought about those changes but ended up making an altogether different change to tone it down, added a bolero to layer the bodice, please view the modified gown here and leave your feedback. Thanks

    Adithi's Birthday Gown - Modified

  10. could you please tell me how to make the puffy petticoat? what material did you use for it?

    1. The material used for the puffy petticoat is called 'can can'. I bought it from Thakuradas Choithram (near LIC) as well as T.Mangharams (Parrys Corner)


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