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Nov 4, 2011

Birthday Gown Update

Thanks for all those helpful comments / suggestions regarding the Birthday Ball Gown. I started working on the gown right away and reserved the casual dress to be worked upon later (It is half complete! hope to wrap it up today!)

I agree with your input as to flowers or embellishments would only tone it up even further, so thought about it for a while, then it also stuck to me that shorter sleeves would probably bring down the bling (Here also i am happy that many readers thought on similar lines, so atleast i am on right track!), but Adithi wanted full length sleeves (it is her latest dress feature fetish now, long sleeves!) so i guess i can't comprise on that, suddenly it stuck me, what if i add a light colored lace bolero to tone it down!

Here is the dress with bolero, it has cowl at back neck!

                   Front View                                                                                Back Cowl

Here is the Before and After Pictures

With the coat  / bolero                                                                                   Without the Bolero

Still would love it to have short sleeves, make be i can talk her into it, lets see!



  1. You know what! She's 5 :) and at that age, having the perfect dress is very important to her. Just leave the sleeves if that's what she wants. I like the bolero. It totally tones it down and still lets the dress be... dressy!! Good call. Happy birthday to your sweet girl :) I bet she'll enjoy every second of wearing her perfect princess dress.

  2. Love the dress. And yes, leave the sleeves. They give it a very retro, Victorian feel.

  3. Looking good....But still try to convince her into short sleeves.

  4. Looks nice! I am sure she will love wearing it!

  5. she's such a princess! Love the bolero idea and the cut of it!


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