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Nov 6, 2011

Adithi B'day Bash! Sneak Peak!

Darling Daughter turned 5 yesterday and how those 24 hours flew by, i have no idea!

It rained and rained and rained like cats and dogs for the past 3 days and i was praying for some sunshine yesterday, it did shine till noon and then it started drizzling and by evening it was raining heavily, hubby and FIL went to get the cake and got stuck in traffic jam badly for about 1hr 15 min! the guests had arrived and were patiently waiting.

DD was overjoyed as she greeted her school friends (first time she has invited her school friends for her b'day bash, she is growing up fast !)

More snaps are in my sister's cam, just to wrap this post up as i take a deserved half a day's rest ;) is a pic of DD with my best friend's son, i wish to plan better next time (as i end up thinking every year!) to spend more time with guests, as was busy running around taking care of serving food to guests, keeping kids enterained with puzzles and games, the movie i was making with pics of Adithi was done by me after guests arrived, so you can imagine mayhem, and to it heavy doze of rain, it was Complete Mayhem, but at the end of it all, i asked Adithi, did you have fun at the party? did your friends enjoy themselves? she said "YES"and that's all i wanted! her to have a Happy B'day and she did,

there's more this, starting with minor mishaps that she met with in morning session, as they say you 'Kandam'on your b'day! more on this in next post with more pics

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  1. belated b'day wishes adithi..long live:-))

  2. So beautiful she looks like a blue Cinderella. Wish her a Happy Birthday from me!

  3. happy b'day to adithi! and what a lovely dress it turned out to be!

  4. Happy birthday to Adithi, she's looking like a tiny princess

  5. My belated B'day wishes to Adithi. The dress looks very beautiful on her.

  6. Congratulations for Aditi's Birthday..she looks Gorgeous!The Gown looks beautiful and the crown adds to the glory!!

  7. belated Happy Birthday, she looks so beautiful!!

  8. Thanks to all of you, i passed on your b'day wishes to my darling daughter!

  9. looking at it very late.. but gorgeous and your post and comments are the toppings ..

  10. Finally got to it today.. she is gorgeous.. your commets are like real topping over the party..


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