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Nov 23, 2011

On a High !

Guess what i have scaled new heights!? well literally, this is my first ever pair of killer heels! Received this from Fashion And You, couple of days back and I was thrilled to bits !!! Now that the courier reaches me on time, the anxious wait has been over and done with!

Now this needs an outfit to go with it, isn't it, wish the sewing schedule for my hubby's cousin's wedding gets over and when i am back, will make trendy outfit to go with this heels and may be my hubby will take me out on a 'Date'! what's say?

Brand : Carlton London
Color: Tan Brown
Price Tag: ` 749

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  1. totally awesome fab! :D can't wait to see the head to toe look!

  2. Am happy you get your choice, but scared it is going to hurt you..


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