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Dec 17, 2011

Burdastyle Sewing Book - my design featured!

Finally I get to lay my hands on the much awaited copy of The Burdastyle Sewing book, which has my variation of the Dress pattern included too. Though my dress did not belong to the lucky 3 dresses which were modeled and photograph, i am still glad that my dress's snap was featured in the variations page along with other cute dress variations and to see my name in the page alongside the snap was just too good a feeling to explain!

Received the parcel yesterday noon, it contained The Burdastyle Sewing Book ofcourse and alongside the book, there were handout pamphlets about the book with few designs printed on it.

Hand written thank you card! 

Burdastyle badges!

Nylon Grocery bag from BAGGU with Burdastyle logo on it!

4 measurement cards!

Glimpse of the dress as of now, will a photo session later this weekend and make a special post on the dress! Its been almost an year since i made this dress and sent it across, so i need to check if it fits me fine now , or else, make alterations as required and then get to flaunt it!

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