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Dec 9, 2011

Its a wrap (dress) for my Killer Heels!

Remember i wanted to make a dress befitting to be worn with my Killer Heels!

At last i made one yesterday ...

Front View (ignore the messy hair style, photographer was in a hurry to rush to his ofc! and also the rude looks, i just couldn't look at the bright shining morning sun! i should have had my shades on! )

Now a smiley front view, (did you notice i am under the shade now!)

The fabric must make you feel deja vu ! yes it is similar to the fabric i had used to make a wrap dress for my sister-in-law more than a year ago! and ended up buying one for myself in a different shade and the fabric was long forgotten, before it found its salvation yesterday!

Back View (The bow at the back was last minute addition, bows are always in vogue, aren't they?!)

And now for the inspiration for this outfit, my first ever killer heels! I somehow managed to stutter up the stairs for the photo shoot at the terrace! he he ! still learning the ropes of running around in heels!

I used Angarkha basic draft and tweaked it a little to make it work as a wrap dress and viola there i have my first ever wrap dress, it kind of took few years off me! what's say?~!

I would like to add hidden ties from the inside of the wrap to the side seam at waist to hold the inner part of the wrap in place while i move about!

P.S.: I am posting this with my broadband! yup its back, the BSNL guys visited my place as i was typing this post! such a relief to have net back! 

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  1. i just love the outfit akka..u knw wt i too have the same fabric n blue color which i bought n parrys corner...did u lined the fabric

  2. Thanks! I did not line it as it is wrap and hence already the fabrics overlap. No issues i wore it with a slip underneath!

  3. Love the fabric and the details, especially the bow at the back! hehe enjoy walking on high heels- I almost forgot how that feels! I must say you were brave to buy them online- getting both fit and comfort for high heeled shoes used to mean for me trying lots of different models and sizes and... days!

  4. Very cute. I love the bow on the back :)

  5. Love the little bow on the back.. very innovative! The dress goes perfectly with the heels :)

  6. It goes with those shoes SOO well, and you're right, the bow in the back is fantastic.:)

  7. Thanks Evie!

    Thanks Magda, i had shared a post on how to get your footwear size right last week! and used the same tips to figure out my foot size and yes did brave it to buy online, first buy online was a flat slippers and the second one was this heels!

    Thanks Crafterella sisters.

    Thanks GirlAtFirstAvenue. Bow was added to cover up the not so perfect finish for the neck at the back! ;)

    Thanks Shiloh!

  8. it looks very beautiful on you....

  9. Very pretty. You are looking fabulous Laxmi.....
    I have a cloth lying for months and was planning exactly same outfit since many days. Now I hope you have inspired me enough to make it soon.

  10. It's really gorgeous. The bow in the back is my favorite feature.

    Warmly, Michelle

  11. Oh my!! Oh my!! That’s a lovely lovely dress.. and the shoes simply match it..

  12. Thanks Shalini! I would love to see your outfit in similar fabric soon!

    Thanks Faith!

    Thanks Patricia!


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