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Dec 13, 2011

Wedding outfits - Day 2 continued ...

After the wedding ceremony was complete, we changed to our casual self!

Both the outfits were sewn by ... me! 

Sister's Outfit: 


  • Kameez with curvy yoke with piping (used leftover fabric from my mom's Deepvali saree blouse! god aren't the left over fabrics worth their weight in gold!)
  • Puffy sleeves and piping at neckline as well !
  • Churidhaar bottom

My Outfit:

I loved the fabric the first time i set my eyes on it during our fabric shopping for Deepavali! 

Features are just the same as my sister's outfit 

  • Curvy yoke with piping
  • Neckline piping + Puff sleeves (this fabric holds the puff a lot better than my sister's , fabrics are always tricky, you never know (for sure!) as to what you will end up with, however i am pretty pleased with the Puff effect!)
  • Churidhaar for bottom and oh yes the bottom fabric was to die for, similar to glass tissue and that too in dual shades!
Oh yes! bought these sandals during Deepavali shopping and guess what they were the exact match for this outfit! i am getting it right with my footwear these days! yay!

And the bag belongs to my sister, just bagged it during the photoshoot! 

Have i fallen in love with the outfit ! YES! I wore the same outfit , (the same evening ofcourse!) to meet the fabulous Magda. I have blogged about the meeting over here,

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  1. gorgeous fabrics and impeccable stitching! you girls are posing so lovely hehe!;)

  2. Nice dress. I also like the bag you are holding. Its cute :-)

  3. wow i love the color...both r looking amazing..may i knw the detail and price of the fabric akka

  4. I have to say this... the photos are a huuuuuge improvement!! and i like them a lot!
    Also.. keep smiling!!

  5. Such lovely colors and I love the pattern... Very beautiful.

  6. Thanks Magda! Sweet sisters are'nt we?!

    Thanks Ranjana!

    Thanks Vji! The fabric i got at Sonas Fav Shop in GN Shetty Road, T.Nagar, it was on sale for Rs.1098

    Thanks Megha! Yes i am working on the quality of snaps. good to know that they are better now!

    Thanks Thendral.

  7. These are seriously beautiful! I saw this at Be Different Act Normal.

  8. Fabulous outfits! Your talent constantly amazes me! And that bag is wonderful too - looks like lots of yo-yos@!!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Best wishes for a fabulous New Year 2012!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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