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Jan 25, 2012

Creative Blog Hop - Today's Guest - Talented Lakshmi of SADALAS !

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All this month of January, Adithis Amma Sews will be hosting this Blog Hop for the Asia Region!  So be prepared to meet talented, crafty, interesting personalities every Wednesday!

We have reached the last Wednesday of the Month, so quick isn't it. The occasion calls for a fitting finale, so whom do we have with us today to share experiences from artistic sojourn! Lets give it up for the talented Lakshmi! wait, i am not tom-tom-ing about self! I am referring to the talented needle works artist Lakshmi from SADALAS!

Before we get started with the interview, i would like to wish my dear MIL a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day! What i have sewn for her on her b'day , stay tuned for more updates! Also please do not forget to add the link to your latest craft posts in the Linky at the end of this interview!

Without further Adieu, lets welcome Lakshmi!

So glad to have you here! Embroidery seems like your favorite hobby. How and from when did you develop interest in it?

Well Lakshmi, first of all thank you for featuring me in your blog. My mom used to do many crafts and she always used to encourage me to do crafts.  As in every south Indian home, my mom also taught me to do many crafts like crochet works, making bags with wires, tying flowers, rangolis etc. She herself is good in tatting and crocheting and bead works. Coming to embroidery I learnt it only after my marriage.  

 I learnt few basic stitches from my friends , I started doing embroidery for my daughter's dresses when she was 5 years old(now she is 20). At that time I was not  much interested in embroidery and was busy in taking care of my children. Later we shifted to Madanapalle and it was the peak time when Embroidery was in vogue and women were very talented there doing many embroidery works.   I got new friends and I learnt few stitches from my neighbors and friends. And one fine day I happened to meet a talented lady named Roja and I was totally dumbstruck seeing her embroidery works. She taught me some more stitches and since then I took embroidery seriously and was totally involved in it.  Roja was a great inspiration behind all my earlier projects. I learnt many stitches from newspapers, magazines, and from net as-well.

What is your favorite type of embroidery?

Surface embroidery is my favorite. I prefer simple works like thread works.  I mean I don't prefer to add glitters like beads, sequins, kundans, stones, but considering my daughter's likes and dislikes, I have to add some glitters to bring the bling, in order to please her. Of late, I took fancy in Brazilian embroidery. Since the threads used for this type of embroidery are not available in India,  I used cone threads for doing the Brazilian stitches and it is called dimensional embroidery. But My favorite is always Indian embroidery.

When did you start blogging and how the idea of having the blog happened?

I started blogging in February 2009. It was my online friends (from Orkut,Indus Ladies) who  suggested me to start a blog. They used to encourage me to start my own blog saying my embroidery works were unique. To be honest, I didn't know what a blog could be. After seeing few blogs I thought that it was impossible to me as my vocabulary was poor.  Neither I was  aware of the stitch name, type of embroidery nor its history. I was just doing embroidery to beautify my daughters dresses. One day while going through some of the blogs,  I felt that my ideas in embroidery were taken and posted in those blogs with wrong information.  I felt bad that if I could have documented properly this might have not happened. On that day  I made up my mind to start  my own blog to give the right information. At least I thought it was my responsibility . Thus my blog Sadalas was born. Now the responsibility is more as I got many readers from other parts of the world. 

Your tutorials are so clear and easy to understand, thanks a lot for them. Do you take private classes as well in person?

 For 2 years I used to transfer the designs on to the fabric and teach  one stitch per design . Later we shifted to Tirupathi and  I stopped doing for commercials. I don't take any classes now but teach  my friends and relatives

How do you balance family life and make time for the needle art, since it is more time-consuming?

Time management was not a big problem for me as we are only four in the family and  I am a house wife and more over I am a home bird. I don't prefer  watching TV or interested in going out with friends and partying. Moreover I used to have lot of time for myself after kids leave to school. Initially no one in the family liked me doing embroidery. They were more concerned about my health saying my eyesight might get damaged.  I explained to my hubby how much leisure time I will get and how  difficult it was for me to kill the time after kids go to school.  He understood  and from then on wards they didn't complain.  As kids are grown up now they started encouraging me and they all are very supportive. In fact my hubby brings me embroidery materials whenever he visits other cities.  
Doing embroidery is like meditation to me.I feel it is food for my soul.Whenever I get tensed I just pic up my needle and keep on stitching silently  which brings peace to me. It has become a part of my life.

Well said Lakshmi, any art form which we love is truly therapeutic, isn't it. Where do you draw inspiration from for your embroidery designs?

Lot of things inspires me. Whenever I learn a new stitch,  I used to search for designs which are suitable for the stitch. In the process I  collected lot of designs from various sources like newspapers, magazines. I bought many books and also  collected them from internet.  Whenever I see a design my mind starts to think what all stitches I can incorporate on the design. Secondly the need. I liked to stitch  for my daughter and  see  how good she looks with my embroidery works.The happiness of seeing her smile on  wearing those dresses is not explainable. And again the money they charge outside for doing embroidery is more than 1000 bucks for simple work. By doing embroidery myself , I can save the money too..:)

As one can infer from your blog, that so many followers of your blog are from abroad, how does it feel to be able to share Indian needle art forms with people from other countries and also learn embroidery forms originating from their respective countries

You are true, I have many friends from abroad who appreciate my embroidery works. It is a great feeling that Indian needle art forms are being noticed and appreciated. Actually Indian women are very talented which goes unnoticed many a time. I feel that I am representing them through my blog. In this journey  I met  many embroiders  from other parts of  the world and got to know about various forms and types of embroidery.  I learnt many stitches from them . Brazillian embroidery is one among them.

What are the things that we can expect from your blog in near future? 

 Many ideas are there to do many embroidery projects and other craft works as well. Definitely I will blog about what all projects I do. I am also thinking to  give some more tutorials.  As you know embroidery is very time taking it is not so easy to complete them all in time.

Thank you Lakshmi
"Please convey mt regards and Birthday wishes to your mom-in-law."

Thanks for being here and also for your kind wishes to my MIL. So sweet of you and will surely convey your wishes to her. 

Dear Readers, 

I had lots of fun and it was exciting to meet such talent from Asian region more preciously all of them were from India, not intentional but it so happened, i am truly honored to have been able to host them here on Adithis Amma Sews as part of Creative Blog Hop tour. Hope enjoyed too. Stay tuned to Creative Blog Hop, which will be soon return to Asian Region in the month of Feb with a new host!

Lots of Love,
Adithi's Amma

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  1. Wow! Lakshmi's embroidery is just stunning - and so interesting to read her story too! Thanks for hosting for us this month - and for introducing us to some talented crafters in India!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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    Thank you Adithi's Amma for being such an amazing host this month!!

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