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Jan 23, 2012

journey called life ....

Dear Readers,

You might be wondering (if you have been visiting Adithis Amma Sews regularly) that why aren't there much of sewing posts these days? It's because my sewing mojo has not yet been revived, as there are lots of Unfinished Sewing Objects lying around in my craft room. Even the completed projects, remember the Burdastyle Book Dress which i haven't shared yet and the Flip Turn top from Pattern Magic 2 book are yet to be snapped up and shared, somehow i am not able to manage time and get down to doing it.

So what's stopping me, why am I writing this post to share just this, well ... i don't know may be get suggestions from you, just to lighten my heart and soul, this year has been pretty rough to start with, my sister fell sick (with typhoid) and is slowly recovering now and Adithi is so restless these days and something is troubling her at school, her nature is such that she is very resistant to change and doesn't like her routine being affected, from what i could gather from her in between her incessant cries ... is that the teacher who used to give her 'work' is not working with her anymore( she is montessori school and they refer to all that is being taught as 'work') in the sense, another teacher is now working with her. And she also has this favourite chithi who teaches hindi and it seems they are assigning Adithi a new work (stamping numbers!) to learn exactly at the same time when Hindi group work starts (They refer to their teachers as chithi in her school!) and she has to skip the Hindi group, which she loves the most! She has taken it to heart, and how much ever , one tries to comfort her, she isn't listening from deep within, though hears everything patiently.

Today she cried and screamed Amma, which is still ringing in my ears and vomited as she cried cotinuously and refused to go inside the class and they had to carry her away involuntarily, i am not able to get that sight out of my mind and it is still haunting me, how to comfort her, sort our her problems, make her feel better again, happy again, i am flustered, any thoughts on this, i can set up a meeting with teachers at school but that will take time for them to schedule, meantime what to do?
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  1. oh that's bad hope u things get back to normalcy very soon. I feel it is better to talk to the teachers before taking any decision

  2. Ohh dear .. Hugs.
    Do try to talk to the teachers as soon as you can.

  3. Considering it’s a Montessori, you should be able to speak with the teachers and comfort her. There is no point in her being this upset. You can try talking to her about school and about what really happened… Do interrogation in such a way, that she doesn’t realise it.. ie.. when playing with her, ask her questions, then ask another question, like you are very eager to know what happening.. and I bet she will tell you all.. And sometimes it works for them… they feel comforted… as well!!

    You hold on.. be strong.. Your little one and your family needs you..

    I know what you are feeling.. and I’m kind of going thru the same phase.. In Dec, my gran got lost, then we found her in hospital with a broken femur. She went in for surgery on Christmas day.. And bcoz she’s been diagnosed with dementia for three years now, its soooooooooo tuff. Its difficult to talk to her. Till about last week, she was at my home. This week, we’ve hired a new maid for her and she has moved back to my aunts house. But this whole month, was sooooooo super stressful… with my sick gran, mom being sick, the kids, their school work resuming and above all.. work as well.. *sigh*..

    But for me.. I find comfort, in spending ten minutes with the blog… I really do! Its like my ‘me’ time…

    I sure hope you get better soon… and will be back to sewing and clearing up everything… You take care..

  4. It's would be so tough Wat adithi is going thru talk to her and make a meeting with the teachers help her completing her homework..n let her know Wat ever the problem u are there for her...Built her some confidence she should be strong future we ladies will be facing many issues like this so make her prepared for all the things..Hope the little one gets alright soonn.

  5. That sounds heartbreaking...hang in there. A big hug to you and Adithi.

  6. Lakshmi sorry for Adithi ..
    talk to her and teachers..everything will be alright


  7. Oh poor Adithi. I hope everything works out real soon.


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