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Jan 19, 2012

Instant Gratification !

As i trying to get my Sewing Mojo back, the short and sweet, in a snap kind of projects are so refreshing and energizing... tried the Neck Tie tutorial, about which i had posted day before yesterday! Instead of adding clip at the back, i added a neckband with velcro closure.

As i woke her up from her nap since it was her play time, i announced "Surprise , i made this for YOU!"she was quite excited and woke up, and as soon as she saw the tie, her jaw dropped and she said, don't be upset amma, but i can't wear this, i asked her why? she said "this is not a girl's thing, only boys wear it, i don't like boyish stuff!"

I said "It's okay!, can you do just a photoshoot with this!"to which she readily agreed and posed for these pics

After the photoshoot, she promptly took the tie off and went out to play!

Plan to make lots of these for my friend's son!

Yes the edges aren't smooth as they should be, i made this in a hurry, hope to iron out this flaw when i make next batch!

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