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Feb 27, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

Tunic Top made for sister using printed cotton. Isn't she looking pretty in pink?

Yesterday was my sister's friend's b'day and she wore a new dress for that! do we need excuses to flaunt new outfits, really! no way! may be this pretty in pink outfit peps her up and brings her good cheer!

Made use of left over fabric from the Bling Saree Blouse to create ruffles at the neckline and also for the piping at sleeve hem!

Are you able to see the flower motif made using the ruffles at the left side of the neckline! wish it was more appealing! but ran out of fabric to add more texture to ruffles! somehow i like it the way it is? what's say???

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  1. This is so pretty sply the design around neck :)

  2. The flower and ruffles at the neck look so pretty.

  3. The dress is cute and pretty and so is your sister. It suits her really well. Nice idea to use ruffles at the neck esp. in a kameez.

  4. That dress is beautiful. The collar is awesome! Love it!


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