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Feb 19, 2012

Saree Blouse with lots of bling!

Got embroidery work done on this Saree about 2 years ago! yes! this belongs to the long list of Forgotten Fabric lost in the long stash of fabric load. I had gifted this saree to my sister during last new year's eve (2011!)
Blouse was made yesterday! hmm happens ! better late than never isn't it!

Sister loves this color and infact got this plain georgette saree, on which Zardosi work was done by my dear friend Daisy, unfortunately i have lost contact with her and am able to reach her and i am still trying to trace her. Miss her handwork a lot. In fact, ever since i was unable to contact her, i have not done any project with surface embroidery on it! hope to find her soon!

The lace in the neckline has been added by me as the initial zari work along the neckline meant that shoulder width would be broader and the neck depth shorter than what my sister normaly wears, so unfortunately i had to cut out the work along the neckline and made up for it with the lace trim! 


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  1. Lovely colour Lakshmi. Saree and blouse both are beautiful.

  2. Hi Creativemama,

    I am revisiting after a long time.. Hope all is well!

    Lovely color I must say! The neck is always a very tricky part to attach the lace! You have done a nice job!

  3. Hi Anala and Megha,

    Welcome back to Adithis Amma Sews. Please keep visiting. Thanks for the compliments.

  4. oh yes now i realize it is Megha, now with new id Anala & Megha! Thanks for coming back to Adithis Amma Sews and hope to see you more frequently!

  5. i just came across your blog and i am hooked :)

    your so talented ..! i love your blog :)

  6. Such a beautiful blouse your sister is lucky indeed!


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