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Feb 15, 2012

V Day turned out to be day of mixed feelings for Adithi!

She was beaming in happiness, as she was meddling around with her dad's gift to her on Vday, a stencil kit and when i called out to her for a dress change (the new one made for her on this special day), there she was happy and singing out her favourite rhyme; She was all set and ready to go out and play; what happens next, in about 10 minutes i hear a scream and run downstairs to find her crying; she has hurt herself as she tried play the swing the wrong way and got hurt in the process.

I had intuition earlier and had warned her just before she went out to play, to be extra careful today and not play any of monkey tricks, and she did exactly just the opposite and got hurt. How i wish children would listen at ALL times! it is not that she does not listen all the time, in fact, she does listen and pay attention to what is being told, but at times does not put the word of advice into practice, i wonder why?

She has hurt her chin and her lower lip and when her aunt (my sis) got her these bouquets then she was back to her cheerful self and wanted a photo-shoot with the bouquets and also with those injury marks! kids! god bless them!

Still manages a bleak smile, kudos to her!

Below are the snaps that were taken, before she went out to play, all in the cheerful spirits ...

Fooling around in the Yoga mat!

and some dance practice!

and guess what she more worried about, "amma, my friends might tease me at school for this bruise on my chin!" i was taken aback for a moment, before i regained composure and explained it out to her, that friends are there to be with in difficult times and hence true friends won't tease and will only comfort you, so don't worry about those who do tease as they are not really your friends and after lot of pep talk, she did go to sleep!

Now about the details of the dress,

The dress was made using half metre !YES! of main printed fabric and piping was made using left over fabric from my sister's VDay dress. The yellow portion was taken from the fabric i had bought for self (god knows when i will make one!) The dress turned out to be bright, cheerful, colorful and fit for a kid to jump around in joy, though Adithi also had moments of despair while wearing it, she recovered soon to be her normal cheerful self!

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  1. awwwwwwwww poor kid. hope she is ok now. all the V day dresses n kurta look fab

  2. Poor Adithi, I really feel bad for her! 1/2m for that dress wow- and it's perfect!

  3. Shruthi, Purush, Magda - Aditih is doing better now the injury is healing slowly.

  4. Thanks for linking up to my party! I wanted to let you know I picked your link to feature this week! See my post and grab my feature button here


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