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Mar 24, 2012

Thank You Magda!

Magda of MagdaMagda Design Studio sent me this fabulous clutch which is so kitsch in its print and looks so well made that you can hardly figure out it was "homemade"! Remember i got the chance to meet her when i was in her town for cousin's wedding in the month of November (please read the post Surreal Experience for more details!) and she had promised to send me a personalized gift and it was so thoughtful of her to send across such a nice handmade gift. Thank You Magda! Clutches are one of my fashion fetish, and i can't seem to have enough of them!

 I know i am bit late in putting up this post, she had sent the clucth about 10 days back! Somehow i have been pre-occupied with domestic front , given it has been Adithi's pre-term break at school and she is at home all day!

Belated Ugadi Subakaanshalu (Best wishes for a happy New Year to Kannadigas / Teluguites / Marathis (Gudi Padwa) Sorry if i have spelt any of it wrongly.

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  1. So beautiful, you are lucky! Magda is so very very talented!

  2. Oh I am finally catching up with your posts and what a surprise;) - I had no idea you wrote about this:) glad you like it! Hope to see soon what you make out of the crepe!

    1. I have made Dhoti pants using the Crepe material you had sent me! will do a photoshoot soon!

  3. wow that's exactly what I was thinking to suggest! I guess that's what I need to do out of the turquoise version I have! thanks for the wonderful instructions, looking forward to seeing your version and I'd love a close up of the side, upper part where the band and pant meet- I'm not quite sure I got it super-right last time:)


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