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Mar 15, 2012

First outfit from Pattern Magic 2

I have been inspired by those wonderful outfits made by the talented Carolyn from Homemade by Carolyn using Pattern Magic 2 book; ended up buying the book a good 1 year back! somehow managed to make an outfit the 'flip turn draped effect' top in January , yes its been 2 months and i did not manage to wear it, since it is hot sizzling summer in Chennai and i can't bear to wear the shiny satin top; was testing this fabric for a prototype and it turned out good!

Since i could resist sharing the top, managed to do an impromptu photo shoot and used the services of my darling daughter as a photographer (please excuse my sober looks and unkempt look!, this just was not a proper photo shoot!)

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  1. it looks absolutely amazing Adithi's Amma, well done! I love this colour on you.
    And thank you for those kind words here, and your congratulations on my blog. It's very sweet of you!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! hope to try out few more patterns from Pattern Magic and thanks for the inpsiration~!

  2. I just love interesting clothes! very catchy detail:)I would love to experiment with the book myself but then I also love reinventing the wheel, so I probably won't*rolling eyes*

  3. Loved the neck style,nice colour tooo

  4. Hi Adithi's Amma, I have given you the Sunshine 2012 award. If you would like to accept the details are

  5. You look great!!
    nice blog :D

  6. that is simply beautiful and you look divine wearing that color!
    good job!


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