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Apr 8, 2012

Gold Brocade blouse + Windmill story!

At Salangai Poojai of one of the Disciples of darling daughter's dance school.

This gold brocade fabric had been lying for more than 1.5 years in my stash and at last has been made into a saree blouse. god! why did i not make it earlier, this could so easily be worn with so many sarees ... as usual better late than never, a nice addition to my wardrobe!

As i as doing the photoshoot for the blouse on our terrace, saw this windmill energy generator newly installed on the school campus, which happens to be the very next compound to our residential apartment! Darling Daughter's school is very eco-friendly and they have installed this alternative energy source as part of this concept and on the day after it got installed, about fortnight ago,, here is the conversation we had:

Me: Adithi, So, how is the windmill, do you like it?

Adithi: hmm... NO!

Me: Why?

Adithi: See amma, it is such a big fan, but of what use, we do not get any air from it at all ! 

I burst out laughing, so has everyone to whom i shared this convo! Kids are so precious , being innocence personified!



  1. LOL so funny! Love the sari btw, it is so vibrant and looks great on you!

  2. Your daughters comment is hilarious!!

  3. The saree is so pretty!!


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