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May 15, 2012

Dhoti pant makes its debut @ Kashmir Vacation

Dhoti pants are so comfortable to lounge around and i can't seem to get enough of them. When Magda gifted me with printed Crepe fabric, i thought of making a skirt out of it, then decided to make a pair of dhoti pants. wow! i am glad i did so! they were perfect choice in Srinagar, where the weather was slightly tilting towards being cold by evening.
Photographer : Hubby

The next snap was clicked by ...any guesses...
Photographer: Adithi !! 
yes, she has taken to photography like fish to water and enjoys doing it! Guess i need to service our old sony cybershot and get it ready for her to explore, than risk our new cannon! what say?!

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  1. Those are fabulous!

  2. What gorgeous trousers! They look wonderful on you. That fabric is so beautiful, Magda is so sweet and generous to send you such a lovely present!

  3. hey... I just loved yur tutorial for dhoti pants.. Yu have an awesome pant... But there is a problem wid mine pair of dhoti pants... The last pleat at the 0 point on the side notch of the waistband is bit stretching... Pls help me how to sew it at the sides.. :(


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