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May 24, 2012

Sister's B'day = New Outfit !

Yesterday was my dear sister's b'day. Here is the snap of her with the outfit made by me as her b'day present. got the fabric in Kashmir. Hand embroidered with pink flowers , this fabric caught my attention at the first glance and i made up my mind that this one for my sister. Hubby dearest also chose one for me, which i haven't stitched yet (as usual, my outfits are always at the end of the queue!)

wanted to get her a fuchsia pink dupatta to go with it, just couldn't manage to get one on time! she wore an old dupatta of hers , what a pity! sorry sis...will get you one soon..

As you can see, there aren't much posts for the past one month or so ; with just a weekly post, the reason being a number of factors coming together viz., Adithi's Summer Vacation, SIL is getting married (hubby's cousin) so loads  of shopping and sewing. Hope you bear with me for one more month and i promise to post all the pending tutorials by July!

I am yet to post the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook Coat which is the outfit for my Garment Sewing Challenge as well, hope to post it by next week.

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  1. That is very beautiful on her. I love that fabric and the embroidery! Nice job.

  2. Beautiful outfit!! And a very happy birthday to your sister!!

  3. belatd wishes 2 ur sis th design,color,stitching so nice..

  4. she looks lovely! great stitching as usual:)

  5. that outfit looks great on her!
    yes, a fuchsia pink dupatta would have looked awesome..
    and that embroidery is so pretty!

    i'm so jealous that you went to kashmir and got suit sets from there! wow!!
    enjoy the wedding in the family.


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