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Jul 19, 2012

China Doll Avatar !

Here are the saree blouses designed by me , one for my SIL, the other one for self - worn @ wedding reception.

SIL had draped it in Tulu style and hence not much of blouse back is visiable, have asked her snaps of the blouse separately, hope she obliges sometime soon. what a mistake , i wish i had taken a snap of the blouse, before i gave it to her, after all those hours of work spent on it, i don't have a proper snap to look back to.

The below is the one for myself.  It is actually a lehenga saree, which was s steal , i got it for Rs.1990 only from online site called brandmile during a sale.  I am so in love with this saree, just a dream to drape and those velvet flower applique are just magical!

 The blouse was semi stitched, which in the end was too big, hence I unpicked the seams and stitched the blouse to fit my size and changed the back and front neck design! Blouse has side zip closure! Why the title of the post? Coz people told me i looked like one in this outfit! Do I?

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  1. Beautiful with rich traditional style :) nice!!

  2. I love the saree which you made for SIL. And yep your pose is perfectly like a doll in the second snap:D.Nice work.Folowing you.Nice to have you joing back on my blog.

  3. Beautiful outfit! I love the style of the back of your blouse! Great work!

  4. I shy from mixing pink and red, but it works so well for your creations. Lovely work, as always.

  5. That is a gorgeous sari! What is tulu style? I only know Gujarati and Dakshini?

  6. what a beautiful outfit! love your work :) following you.. would be nice if you join me at


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