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Aug 14, 2012

Pretty Purple Dress for 1 yr old Angel

Thank God, i am back to sewing, though not in full swing, ever since hubby left for KL, i do not have the mood to do anything and laze around mostly with the only thing that interests me being my daily fav soap ƸPKKND ! hmm miss you hubby dearest, i really do... ok now enough of my personal blah blah, back to business.... of sewing...

made this outfit for a little angel who turned 1 , a couple of weeks back, yes this is a belated gift, its better late than never isn't it, actually i started working on it , on her b'day itself but it took a another 10 days to get back to it and somehow managed to get my concentration on for about 1 hour to complete the dress. It took all of just under 4 hours to make this dress, wish i get my sewing mojo back so that i sew more outfits. My sister is leaving for Amsterdam on a  project and how i wish i can pull myself to make a trench coat for her. fingers crossed....

Pretty Purple Dress for even Prettier Anvesha... I hope it fits ....

Front View

Back View



  1. Nice to see a post from you after long!!

  2. Thanks Sonia! Hope to make regular posts from now on,lets see....

    Thanks Thendral !

    Thanks Pam!

  3. Pretty dress Lakshmi. I was missing your sewing.....

  4. Thanks Daffy, Maribel and Shalini.

    I am glad to back sewing... have made 3 new outfits for my sister, will share them soon

  5. Beautiful dress... looks fantastic... i am your newest follower.. do visit my blog sometime...


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