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Oct 29, 2012

Sewing supplies shopping in KL

After 40+ days i finally managed to make time to go out shopping for sewing supplies. Though i wanted to do this, ever since I landed in KL, i somehow couldn't manage as we were setting up our home, Adithi's shifting to new school , teething problems everywhere ! Atlast it was time for Sewing Shopping. I had brought in few fabrics from back home, but alas i forgot to get the lining fabrics and which surprisingly i am not able to find here, the pure cotton lining which i use for Adithi's dresses.

Hmm managed to find cotton blend lining (not quite happy with it, but something is better than nothing) and hope to finish her Pattu Paavadai on time before Deepavali which is just another fortnight away!

And and ..before that i need to sew up a pretty dress for my little princess on her b'day which is just a week away! So since i was short on time,  did some online shopping for fabric with pretty prints, hope they arrive in a day or two.

For the sewing supplies i first went to A. SingMuiHeng near Pudu Plaza but it was closed for Bakrid on Friday... and they are open only for half a day on Saturday, which meant the shopping at SingMuiHeng has to wait ...

So we tried Craft Word (Yee Button House) in SS2/55 PJ. Friendly staff, bit pricey but nice collection of fabrics, i bought these fabrics over there and also few notions like loop turner and elastic thread, along with some polyfill

Since they did not have 14 inches zipper, i decided to try out the Habdeshery shop in Jalan Masjid India, Syriakat Bunga Reben, in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. It was my happiest day in KL so far, my goodness so much of sewing goodness in one place, an evening's shopping wasn't enough, i will surely come back for more, friendly staff, though they couldn't speak English and i don't abc of Bahasa, we managed to converse and they helped me get right stuff. I really really love that place. Got so much in one go from just the first floor, i am yet to explore the laces / ribbon / decorative section in ground floor, value for money prices, only one thing was left out, rotary cutter, they had local brand called Senorita (made in taiwan) , but i did not want to take chances and wanted to get either Olfa / True grip , as of now i can make do with my normal tailor scissors.

I found colored velcro, which i can only dream of back home. All possible sewing foot , zippers (normal and concealed in various lengths), even the open ended ones in plastic , felt fabrics, fancy buttons, bias tapes (they are also a rarity back home, atleast i have never seen them) and the list goes on...

I have to explore the textile haven in Jalan Masjid India and will go back soon for sure , after finishing b'day and deepavali sewing. may be i need to go before deepavali to get some festive discounts, deepavali is so big here in KL, i am surprised at times feel like the festive fervour is more than what it is back home!

Talking about back home i do miss my days there especially with regards to Adithi's school, which is just too good and is hard to replace. You win some you lose some , i guess... she is getting a lifetime experience here with mixed culture, new places, new people and hopefully will enrich her enought to evolve as a person...fingers crossed.

Ooops i also got Cucito (Japanese Sewing magazine) from a mall yesterday and i am googling ways to figure out how to read the book and understand patterns...seems quite interesting and challenging...will keep you all posted.

Sorry for this short sabbatical, but now that i am back, i promise to post regularly atleast twice a week to start with and then hopefully pump up the intensity and get back to sewing with vengence for lost out time ! ;)

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