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Oct 30, 2012

Japanese Pattern Books !

I have always self drafted the patterns for the outfits i have made so far, well actually apart from budrastyle book dress pattern, to which I had contributed a variation, I never got a chance to use ready made pattern.

Since I had no access to ready made patterns back in India, took up a pattern drafting course for 6 months, when my daughter was 2 yrs old. and from there on, there was no looking back.

Though i could draft any pattern that i wanted to knock off (mostly!) the lure of ready made patterns was always there, deep inside, unsatisfied ...

During a visit to the mall this weekend here in KL,  chanced upon ''Cucito'' a Japanese sewing magazine which specializes in Kids patterns, i was overwhelmed!

For the past 3 hours, i tried understanding the pattern and in the end have finished tracing the pattern for a top, hope the size that i chose is right. Though the pattern is simple and i can draft using the basic bodice i have for Adithi, wanted to try out this ready to use pattern because, i wanted to see if the sizing fits, hmm plan to launch kids clothing in full swing as ready to order ones, hence sizing is on the top of my mind, these days...

This link was quite useful in deciphering the symbols used in the pattern / book and is indeed a life safer for all those sewistas who are getting started on Japanese sewing books.

I need to make up mind regarding which fabric to use and get started on this top by tomorrow. Will keep you all posted soon ...

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  1. wow lakshmi, you got your hands on a real hard copy cucito.. i'm so jealous!! it is amazingly easy to decipher, and usually the sizes match by height of the child.

    thanks for the link to the dictionary site.. will definitely help with deciphering my ebooks!

    i'm loving your return to the blog.. and you sound so excited shopping in KL :D

    happy diwali in advance!

  2. Hi,Can you please suggest a sewing magazine available in India, I have just started learning stitching, it would be of great help if you could do a post on stitching for beginners.


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